Financing Proposals

From time to time, businesses request new financing, usually from a bank, but sometimes from other sources. No matter who the lender is, the most effective way of securing appropriate and adequate credit facilities is to submit a professionally prepared and realistic financing proposal.

The Milestone Consulting Group is fully conversant with the various financing options available to small and medium sized businesses. We can advise you of the best alternative, assist you in compiling the information necessary, calculate financing requirements and prepare a highly effective proposal for discussion with possible lenders and or investors. We can even accompany you to the financial institutions to assist in explaining the details of the proposal.

External financing is often critical to continued operation of a business. In applying for external financing it is important to look beyond just the immediate needs of the business to ensure sufficient and appropriate financing is requested. Your business must also be able to clearly illustrate its’ longer term viability and ability to repay the debt. A professionally prepared financing proposal will ensure that financial institutions and private investors are provided the information they need to assess their ability to provide you with your financing request. Financing proposals will vary depending on your financing needs and your stage of business development. We are able to assist clients with completing application forms, preparing business plans, preparing financial projections, and preparing immigrant investment packages.

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